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I am a student, middle (6-9), who is having a problem and no one has been able to answer me correctly. I have tried for hours and can not get the answer to my question. I have gotten close. I've used the four factorial, decimals, fractions, square root, addition, subtraction, multiplication, you name it I tried it.

I am known as Myra.

My question:
Using four fours and only four fours to get an answer of 37.

My solutions:
4! + 4! = 48 - 4/.4 = 38

My results just don't add up to 37. There is plenty more where that came from.



Hi Myra,

We have 37 = 41 - 4, and the digit 1 can be represented as 4/4, so we could write
37 as 4(4/4) - 4. (Read 4(4/4) as the digit 4 followed by the digit 1.)

Is that cheating?

(And how about factorials and square roots, why should they be allowed if my clever trick is forbidden?)



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