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To measure the acceleration on Mars an object is dropped from a height of 160m. It takes 10s for this object to hit the ground. What is the value for g on Mars?


This is somewhat difficult to answer as I don't know what you are studying. If this is from a calculus class you might be expected to derive a formula that will help. If this is from a beginning algebra class you might be given the formula and be expected to use it. I am going to assume that you know the formula.

The formula I remember from high school physics is

s = u t + 1/2 a t2 where s is the displacement, u is the initial velocity, t is the time and a is the acceleration.

Since you are dropping the object the initial velocity is zero. The displacement is 160m and the time is 10s. If you substitute these values into the formula you can solve for the acceleration a (sometimes written g).


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