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I would like to know how to measure the area (the formula) of a quadrilateral.

The base is 54.89'
The left side angles out & is 41.53'
The right side angles in & is 37.40'
& the top is 47.10'





Hi Rich,

There are many different shaped quadrilaterals with the side lengths you mention, and many of them have different areas. From the way you have worded your question I think you are aware of this. You say one side angles out and the other angles in. Since the top is shorter than the bottom it is possible to construct a quadrilateral with the side lengths you state where both sides angle in. This quadrilateral would probably have a different area than the one you are looking at. To calculate the are I need more information. The size of one of the angles or the lengths of one of the diagonals would allow me to find the area.



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