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Name: Susan

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Question: We own 5.75 acres of land here in El Paso Tx. Some one wants to buy all or some of our land...to build homes on...but.. I can't figure a few things

1. our land is Almost exactly 500x 500x500 x500 ft square proprty based on this can you tell me the approx perimiter measurements of EACH acre we wish to sell approx 1/2 of this 5.75 acres ...or a tad bit less.. these are all approx measurements what I also need to know is.. how many 50ft x 100ft lots are in each (1 )Acre???

Thank you

Hi Susan,

Your property is approximately 500 feet by 500 feet so the area is 500  500 = 250,000 square feet. One acre is 43,560 square feet so, as you said, your property has an area of approximately

 250,000/43,560 = 5.74 acres.

Each of the 50 feet by 100 feet lots has an area of 50  100 = 5,000 square feet. Again an acre is 43,560 square feet so there are

 43,560/5,000 = 8.7 of these lots in an acre.


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