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An acre , it can be any size right . so when they
refer to a section of a township which is 640 acres,
also 1 square mile does this mean that 1 sections
length if sqaure and there is 5,280 ft in 1 mile does
it meanthat if you took 1 side of the square of of 4 sides
the lenth would be 5,280 feet long and by multiplying
5,280 x 5,280 it would give you the square mile in
square feet. i guess what I 'm asking is what is the
perimeter of 1 acre if it was shape like a square.
sorry to make this confusing but if you can help I
would appreciate it.



Hi Tony,Sections

An acre is a measure of area and. as you noted, the region can have any shape. A section however is a "shape". Is is a square that is one mile on each side. Since each side is one mile in length, each side is 5280 feet in length and hence the area, in square feet is

5280 5280 = 27 878 400 square feet.



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