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Why is ounces abbreviated oz?



Here is waht I found in the Oxford English Dictionary (It orginated with the Italian words onza (singular) and onze (plural).

[a. It. or , 15th c. abbreviation of onza, onze.]

An abbreviation used for 'ounce', 'ounces', esp. after a number, as in 3 lb. 8 oz.
(For Italian MS. forms of the abbreviation, see Cappelli Dizionario di Abbreviature, Milano, 1899. In MS. the z had the lengthened form, its tail being usually carried in a circle under, round, and over the o, so as to form the line of contraction over the word. Cf. the analogous (13-15th c.) ways of writing lb. for libra, libre pound, pounds.)



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