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Please go to this web site and look at number 31.


That is the New York state education web site.
Can you tell me if my answer would be marked correct? My answer was Transformation of 4,-3 (T 4,-3) followed by a reflection in the x-axis.If I graphed the question and wrote that, would I get full credit





Hi Abraham,

The question is

Graph and label the equations

a: y = x2
b: y = - (x - 4)2 + 3

Describe the composition of transforms performed on a to get b.

If by T 4,-3 you mean the linear transformation that takes (0,0) to (4,-3) then I agree with your answer.

I would have said

  1. A horizontal translation of 4 units, then
  2. a vertical translation of -3 units, and finally
  3. a reflection in the x-axis.




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