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How many milliliters in a centimeter?



If you are asking how many millimeters are in a centimeter then I can answer your question.

The prefixes milli and cent are defined in an answer to a previous question.

• The prefix centi designates one hundreth, like a cent.
• The prefix milli designates one thousanth.

Hence a centimeter is one one-hundreth of a meter and a millimeter is one one-thousanth of a meter. Since ten times one-hundred is one-thousand, there are ten millimeters in a centimeter.

But you asked how many milliliters are in a centimeter. A milliliter is a measure of volume and a centimeter is a measure of length so they are units that measure different quantities. It is like asking how many gallons are in a foot.

If your question was how many milliliters are in a cubic centimeter then the answer is one.



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