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hi i'm ashlyn in 10th H ALg2

d varies inversely with g when d=-8 and g=2
a. write d as a function of g using function
b. find d(10).

hope you can help!



Hi Ashlyn,

"d varies inversely with g" means that d varies with the inverse of g, that is

d = k  1/g

where k is a constant. You are told one specific pair of values for d and k, when d = -8, g = 2. Thus

-8 = k  1/2

Hence, solving for k,

k = -8 2 = -16.

Thus you know that

d = -16  1/g

This is the expression that describes d as a function of g,

d(g) = -16  1/g

Now find d(10).



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