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I must keep statistical data (mean and variance) in 3 granularity levels depending on the age of the data (daily for older than 1 year, hourly for older than 1 month and quarter-hour for older than 1 day). How can I calculate the resulting variance from a set of variances previously calculated supposing I have the count and mean for each member of the set?

thank you



Hi Carlos,

There a number of equivalent expressions for the variance. The one I want to use is

where is the mean of the x-values. I want to change the notation to make it easier to type. Let

V(n) =

M(n) =

S(n) =

The expression for the variance is then

V(n) = (S(n) - n (M(n))2)/(n + 1)

Assume that you have the calculations for n x-values so you know n, V(n), M(n), and you receive a new x-value, xn+1.

M(n) is the sum of the previous x-values divided by n so you can recover the sum of the previous x-values by n  M(n). Thus

M(n+1) = (n  M(n) + xn+1)/(n + 1)

To evaluate V(n+1) all that remains is to find S(n+1). You know V(n), M(n) and n so solve

V(n) = (S(n) - n (M(n))2)/(n + 1)

for S(n). Now calculate

S(n+1) = S(n) + xn+12

and then V(n+1).

Andrei and Penny


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