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I am a farmer and I have recently installed a new stock tank which is 1650" in circumference and 10' deep.  How many gallons of water will it hold?



I want to change all the dimensions to inches since my dictionary says there are 231 cubic inches is one gallon.

To find the volume I need to know the radius of the circular end of the tank. The circumference is given by

circumference = 2 radius

where is approximately 3.1416. Your circumference is 1650" and hence

1650 = 2 radius


radius = 1650/(2 ) = 262.6 inches.

Thus the volume in cubic inches is

volume = radius2 height = 262.62 120 = 25,996,840 cubic inches.

There are 231 cubic inches in a gallon so your tank holds

25,996,840/231 = 112,540 gallons.



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