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hi, i have a stupid question that's nagging me.
two people both own property and would like to combine their properties into one.  the first person contributes 1 acre and the second person contributes 1.5 acres.  of the whole, how much percent does the first person own? 
thank you very much.



The particular numbers 1 acre and 1.5 acres make it easy to compare the sizes of the properties. If you think of all the property being divided into half acre plots then the first person own 2, half acre plots and the second 3, half acre plots for a total of 5, half acre plots. Thus the first person own two-fifths of the whole and the second, three-fifths of the whole. One-fifths is 20% so two-fifths is 40% and three-fifths is 60%. Hence the first person owns 40% of the whole, and the second, 60% of the whole.



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