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I am trying to figure out the capacity of my dryer.  I need to know the size in order to buy a new one.   The drum within measures 27” in diameter and 18” deep.  I know that I am looking for an answer in cubic feet but am not sure how to determine this.  I would appreciate your help.

Thank you.




Hi Darlene,

The shape of the drum in your dryer is a circular cylinder, and the volume of a cylinder is

volume = (area of the base) (height)

Since the base of your cylinder is a circle the volume is

volume = radius2 height

where is approximately 3.1416. The drum radius for your dryer is 27/2 = 13.5 inches.

Since you want the volume in cubic feet I think it is best to change all the measurements to feet before you calculate the volume. The height is 18 inches which is 18/12 = 1.5 feet. The radius is 13.5/12 = 1.125 feet. Thus the volume is

volume = 1.1252 1.5 = 6.0 cubic feet.



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