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I have 2 cylinders:
Cylinder A = 8'D x 12'H
Cylinder B = 10'D x 15'H

Each 1ft represents how many gallons of fluid?

Cylinder A=?

Cylinder B=?



Hi Dean,

I'll do cylinder A and that should show you how to do the calculations for B. I am going to assume that you mean American gallons. One American gallon is 231 cubic inches.

The volume of a cylinder is given by

volume = radius2 height

Your cylinder A has a radius of 4' = 48" so, since is approximately 3.1416, one foot (12 inches) height of this cylinder has a volume of

radius2 height = 3.1416 482 12 = 86859 cubic inches.

Since 231 cubic inches is one gallon this is

 86859/231 = 376 gallons.

Since your cylinder is 12 feet high its volume is

12 multiply 376 = 4512 gallons.



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