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How can I determine the increased percentage of a dollar amount?  I.e.: One dollar amount is $202 and another is $150, how can I determine the 5% increase from last year on the $202 dollar amount?  I know this is probably elementary, but I'm the world's worst at math.  I'm a parent, but this is just a question that was posed to me.  My friend has to do rent calculations on her job, and she was asking if there had been a 5% increase, how, based on the amount she has would she figure out what the amount was before the 5% increase.




Hi Debra,

You are much better at math than you think, because you can state your problem very clearly. Not that many people can do that; in this age of disinformation, we hear much more exotic sounding buzzwords than clear explanations.

"Five percent increase" means "times 1.05", so your equation is

1.05 (last year's amount) = (this year's amount) = $202,

so that

(last year's amount) = $202/1.05 = $192.38.

So the increase was $9.62, roughly ten dollars.



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