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my mobile home is 24 x 56. I'm trying to find out how many cubic feet this is.  I'm going to set of some bug bombs and it says 1 can will cover 4000 cubic feet.  I don't know how to figure my cubic feet. the ceilings are 8 ft high everywhere but the living and dining room.  They are vaulted and approximately 10 feet at the peak.  I just need an estimate.  Thanks.  My name is Jeanne, parent, and secondary, I guess. 

      Thanks for your help.  Jeanne



Hi Jeanne,

To find the number of cubic feet in a rectangular box you measure the length, width and height in feet and then multiply these three numbers. If the entire height of your mobile home was 8 feet this would be

24 56 8 = 10752 cubic feet

Hence two bug bombs (8000 cubic feet) would not be enough but three(12000 cubic feet) is more than sufficient.

You haven't given the dimensions of the living room and dining room but I doubt that the extra space in the vaulted ceilings would make the volume more than 12000 cubic feet, so I expect that three bug bombs will be sufficient.



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