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if I need to fill  an area with rock that is 64 feet long by 4 feet wide and 1 foot 2 inches in depth
 how many tons of rock will this job require?
it is also sold by cubic yard how many of these cubic yards will I need?
my name is Kelly
I am a mother of 9  which question has stumped us all LOL
question is grade 10 to 12
closest we have acquired amongst ourselves has been 10 cubic yards but not sure :(


Hi Kelly,

The dimensions you give are in feet and inches, and you want the volume in cubic yards, so the first thing I would do is the convert all the dimensions to yards.

64 feet is 64/3 = 21.33 yards
4 feet is 4/3 = 1.33 yards
1 foot 2 inches is 14 inches which is 14/(12 3) = 0.389 yards

Thus the volume is

21.33 1.33 0.389 = 11.0 cubic yards.

The weight of 11 cubic yards of rock depends on the type of rock you are using. You will need to ask the supplier the weight of 11 cubic yards of rock.



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