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I have a question regarding division with and without units. I thank you for any helpful reply or explanation that may be provided.
My question is as follows:

What does it indicate when the divisor has units (dollars) but not the dividend, as in 500/$10.00 or 500 is divided by $10.00?
Are the units understood to be there? Does 500/$10.00 make sense?

However, these examples make sense:
(a) $500.00 divided by another number having no units such as 10, as in $500.00/10 = $50.00.
(b) $500.00 by $10.00, both amounts having units, $500.00/$10.00 = 50.



Hi Kenneth,

If you bought a package of paper with 500 sheets in it and you paid $10 for the package then you got

500/$10 = 50 sheets per dollar.

If you don't tell me what the 500 things are that you bought for $10, then the best I can do is to say you got 50 per dollar.



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