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It's a real challenge. I actually got the answer, but I guessed the
system, I didn't calculate it, because I couldn't. So I thought it was
a little unfair of him, since I don't think it's possible to calculate
your way to the solution.

Is there a way to calculate this puzzle? Or can the solution only be


"x" and "y" each represents a number.
Find out the system to make the next line

I will provide the solution in a .txt document, so you can have them
seperated. (His solution also doesnt contain a way to calculate the

Yours sincerely
- Lasse



Hi Lasse,

There isn't a way to "calculate" the system in the way you are thinking since there is more than one solution. In any of these questions, where you are given a few terms in a sequence and asked for the next erm or a rule to calculate the next term, there is alwys more than one solution.

Your solution

Another solution



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