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Hi There
I'm a parent

How do you solve the problem of finding the cubed root of (17 to the power of 3).
Can you show me each step and if you have a visual representation of this it would be very helpful.

Also can you show a step by step of finding the cubed root of 27. Visuals help a lot

Thanks a ton!




The cube of a number is straightforward. The cube of 2 is 2 2 2 = 8 and the cube of 5 is 5 5 5 = 125. Finding the cube root is performing this process backwards.

Find the number n so that n n n = 8.

This is the same problem as

Find the cube root of 8.

Sometimes the solution is to just look at the question and say "Two times two times two is eight so the cube root of eight is two." This is the way I would solve your second problem. Do ou know a number n so that n times n times n is 27?

The first problem is to find the cube root of 173. Since

173 = 17 17 17

the cube root os 173 is 17.



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