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Who is asking: Parent
Level: Middle

Byron lives where people trade goods they produce for other things they need. He has some fish and wants to trade them for bananas. He finds the following:
5 fish = 2 loaves of bread
6 oranges = 2 melons
1 loaf of bread = 1 banana and 3 oranges
4 loaves of bread = 14 oranges
How many bananas can Byron get with 5 fish?



Hi Mike,

1 loaf of bread is equivalent to 1 banana and 3 oranges, so
4 loaves of bread are equivalent to 4 bananas and and 12 oranges.

But 4 loaves of bread are equivalent to 14 oranges so the 2 extra oranges here must be worth 4 bananas. Thus

1 orange is equivalent to 2 bananas.

Can you complete it now?



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