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My name is Missi, I'm a mother 
I need to find the 4 digit number to access my voice mail.  These numbers will be 0-9 & numbers can be repeated.  Could you provide me with a list of possibly combinations?  If not, do you know anywhere that I could get a list of combinations so I don't have to write it all down?
Thank you!


Hi Missi,

The numbers you are looking for are the 10,000 numbers starting from 0 and going to 9999. The first thousand are written in an unconventional way

Zero is written 0000
One is written 0001
Two is written 0002
Nine-hundred and ninty-nine is written 0999

If you are going to try all such four digit numbers you don't need to have a list. Do them in order. Start with 0000, then 0001, and then 0002 and continue. When you need a break just write down the last number you tried and then you know where to start again.



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