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Hello there,

A Hungarian friend gave me an old, old family recipe and it calls for:

20 dg. sugar

15 dg. filbert

I can't find a conversion table anywhere that explains how to get ounces from "dg." Do you know what the equivalent would be in ounces of dry measurement?

Thank you so much.



Hi Peg,

This has been fun. I found two pages that gave the conversion factors you need. The first was the Metric Prefix Table which tells me that 1 gram is 10 decigrams (1 gm = 10 dg). The second was a page from the Inventor's Colony where I learned that one teaspoon of sugar is 5 grams of sugar. Thus 20 dg is 2 gm which is a little less than half a teaspoon. At this point I realized that there is something not right.

There is another metric unit called a decagram which is 10 grams. If this is the unit that is intended in your old recipe (the metric prefix table says the prefix is dc) then 20 decagrams is 200 grams. One pound is approximately 450 grams so so 20 decagrams is approximately 200/450 = 4/9 pounds. I then found a cookbook which has 1 pound of sugar is about 2 1/2 cups so 4/9 of a pound of sugar is 4/9 time 2 1/2 which is 1.1 cups. Thus 20 decagrams of sugar is approximately 1 cup of sugar.

The same cookbook 2 1/4 pounds of filberts is 3 1/2 cups. One pound is approximately 453.6 grams which is 45.36 decagrams. Thus 15 decagrams is 15/45.36 = 0.3307 pounds. Hence 15 decagrams is 3.5/2.25 0.3307 = 0.51 cups.

I don't know what you are doing with the sugar and the filberts but these results sound more reasonable to me.

20 decagrams of sugar is 1 cup of sugar and
15 decagrams of filberts is 1/2 cup of filberts.



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