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My question is how to determine a percentage value for profit in the following example.
If I know that I will be paid, say, $150.00, for labor, and I want to make 20% profit on what I pay for the labor, what is the calculation and factoring process?
I see it like this
(x*.2)+x = 150
but I don't know how to factor it out from there.
Please advise,


Hi Shawn,

Your equation is correct. If you pay x for labor and then add 20% of that amount (0.2 x) you get $150

x + 0.2 x = 150

You can say this another way that only involves one operation. If you know x, the amount you will pay for labor then what you need to charge to receive a 20% profit is 1.2 x, that is

1.2 x = 150


x = 150/1.2 = 125

Now check.

If you pay $125 for the labor and add 20% of $125 (0.2 $125 = $25) you get $150.



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