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Just saying, but I live in England so I am in year nine of secondary school. In the form it gives you year nine, AND secondary school. Now i'm just confused, so i've just put middle, is this right? I'm 13 yrs old if that helps.

A litre and a half of water has 0.045 grams of herbicide added for spraying roses. How many grams of herbicide per litre is this?

Maths is not my strongpoint, so if this question is really easy then i've just made myself sound like an idiot. Even so, I can't see how this works.




You want the number of grams per litre, or grams/litre. That is grams divided by litres. You have 0.045 grams and 1.5 litres so that is

 0.045/1.5 = 0.03 grams/litre.



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