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Grade 6 math.
I am a student
I have 6 digits.
100,000th digit is one less than my ones digit, eight greater than my 1,000's digit, twice my tens digit and four times my 100s digit.  My 10,000s digit is 0
What is my number?  Explain.
Thanks Bob.


Hi Bob,

On first reading the question the only digit I know for sure is the 10,000s digit which is 0, so the number looks like

_ 0 _ _ _ _

Reading again I see that the 100,000s digit must be even since it is twice the tens digit. The 100,000s digit is also 8 greater than the 1,000s digit and hence the 1,000s digit can only be 0 or 1. (If the 1,000s digit is 2 or more then 8 plus the 1,000s digit is a two digit number.)

Can you finish the problem now?