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Name: Cassandra
Grade: 10
From a student

Here's the question:
solve each equation or formula for the variable specified

5g+h=g, for g

I'm confused.


Hi Cassandra,

The instructions are to solve the expression for g. What that means is to manipulate the expression to find an equivalent expression of the form

g = "some expression that doesn't contain g"

In your expression I would first remove the g from the right side by subtracting g from both sides and then simplifying

5g + h = g
5g + h - g = g - g
4g + h = 0

Now eliminate the h from the left side by subtracting h from both sides

4g + h = 0
4g + h - h = 0 - h
4g = -h

Finally you want only one g on the left side so divide both sides by 4

4g = - h
g = -h/4