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My name is Cyla
I'm a cook
I don't know if this is possible but I need to know  the measurement of 75grams of spice into milliliters.  Even an approximation would be great.
Thanks for the help if you can.


Hi Cyla,

I found a site in the UK with a list of densities of of bulk materials. They have salt, corn grits and, bran, for example, but nothing really useful like cardamom or thyme. You can look through the list and see if there is anything close to what you want. I'm going to use their density for fine salt, which they give in Kg/cu.m. and show you how to convert it to grams/ml.

Their table gives the density of fine salt as 1201 Kg/cu.m. One kilogram is a thousand grams so you need to multiply by 1,000 to convert the weight to grams. A milliliter is a cubic centimeter and there are one-hundred centimeters in a meter so you need to divide by 1003 to convert the volume to milliliters. Thus to convert Kg/cu.m. to grams/ml you need to multiply by



1201 Kg/cu.m. = 1201/1,000 = 1.2 gm/ml.

Hence 75 grams of fine salt has a volume of

 75/1.2 = 62.5 ml

You need to look through the list, find the material that is closest to the spice you have and go through the analogous calculations.

I hope this helps,