My name is Cynthia. My return email atty is cynwhite@bellsouth.net. The level of my question is for my son whom is a 3rd. Grader. I'm his mother asking you the question.

I've done some research on your website about his Math problem but I'm still confused how he's suppose to answer the question. I appreciate your assistance that you can provide.

It says to Label the array. Write a number sentence for this array........

It's a rectangle box 3 down and 4 wide. Which I understand would be called a 3 by 4 array. However, every box is filled with tiny circle for a total of 12.

They are asking that he write a number sentence for this array. I'm still confused. Please help.

Thank You in advance for your assistance.



I think that the teacher is looking for 3 4 = 12.