I'm trying to increase my pricing by 30 percent. I'm doing something completely wrong. If my price is $150.00 and I increase the price by 30 percent. I would take 150 times .30 and that equals 45. I would then take 45 plus 150 and that would give me 195. My problem is now 195 is my list price. If I turn around and give my customer a 30 percent discount off the 195 the price ends up being 136.50. Which is less than the 150 that I started with. I'm confusing myself and have totally lost confidence in what I'm doing and how . Can you help me?



Hi Dan,

Your calculations are correct, the confusion arises from our usage of the word percent. When we use that word we should always say percent OF WHAT. When you calculated your markup you found 30% OF YOUR PRICE. When you calculated the discount you found 30% OF THE LIST PRICE.