Write the equation(s) needed to solve each problem.

One kind of candy sells for 90cents more a pound than another kind. A pound of each sells for a total of $5.10. What is the selling price of each kind?

A soft drink sells for 20 cents more than the deposit required on the bottle. The cost of the soft drink and the bottle deposit totals 70cents. How much is the soft drink? The bottle deposit?


Hi Duk,

Let me try this one because, for me it is something that really happens.

Jordan went to an art sale and bought a painting and then had it framed. She complained to me that the framing cost $12 more than the painting. The framed painting ended up costing her $78, how much did the framing cost?

Suppose that the painting cost her $p. The framing cost $12 more than $p so the framing cost $(p + 12). Thus together she paid

$p + $(p + 12) = $78

Solve for $p and then the framing cost $p+$12.