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Name: Julee
Who is asking: Parent
Level of the question: Elementary

Question: There are 28 students in a class. 15 have brown hair, 17 have hazel eyes, and 10 have both. How many students have neither brown hair or hazel eyes?



Hi Julee,

To help the students solve this problem the teacher drew two large circles on the floor and painted them. She wanted all the students with brown hair to stand in one of the circles and all the students with hazel eyes to stand in the other circle. The brown haired hazel eyed students would have to stand in both circles so she made sure that the circles overlapped.

She had all 28 students stand along the south wall of the classroom. First she asked all the brown haired, hazel eyed students to stand in the region which is inside both circles, the region painted orange. Then she asked the remaining brown haired students to stand in the region painted brown. Finally she asked the remaining hazel eyed students to stand in the region painted blue.

How many students were still standing along the south wall?