Hello my name is Kelly, I am currently a student-teacher. I have been posed a vertical asymptote question from a student. The student is in grade 10, but the question is from a grade 12 level. Could you please help me answer this question?

Thanks again.
           X2 - 49
Y= -------------------
      X2 + 9x + 20

We are trying to solve this equation to find the vertical asymptote. Thanks again. Kelly



you need to focus on those values of x that make the denominator = 0.

x2 + 9x + 20 = (x + 5)(x + 4) so x = -4 and x= -5 are the important values of x.

Now look at the behaviour of Y as x -> -5 from the left and then from the right. Repeat this analysis as x -> -4. These give you the two vertical asymptotes.

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