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Name: Kevin
Who is asking: Student
Level of the question: All

Question: The trinity concept says three is one. Mathematically, I will attempt to proof this.

Let G be God and T trinity. We start with
G = T
2G = 2T Double both sides
G + 2G = G + 2T Add G on both sides
3G = G + 2T Simplify
3G - 3T = G + 2T - 3T Subtract 3T on both sides
3(G - T) = G - T Factor 3 on the left, simplify on the right
3 = 1 Divide (G - T) on both sides.

But how can three equals one? Can it?



Hi Kevin,

In your "proof" your last step involved division by (G-T) which is equivalent to zero since your opening line says G=T. Once you divide by zero, you end up with mathematical nonsense like 3=1. So while it appears tht you have proved 3=1, you really haven't because mathematically you cannot divide by 0.

Hope this helps,