Name: Matt
Who is asking: Student
Level of the question: Middle

How many equal pieces that weigh between 12 and 13 ounces can be made from 110 ounce block if the whole block is used? How much will each piece weigh?

A paper square has area of 100 in2. Into how many pieces of equal area must the square be but if the area of each piece is to be between 8 in2 and 9 in2? What is area of piece?


Hi Matt,

Here is a similar problem.

I have a trucks that holds 20 cubic yards and I want to move 192 cubic yards of dirt. I want to use equal size, almost full loads, between 19 and 20 cubic yards per load. How many loads do I need and how many cubic yards per load?

If I try to use 19 cubic yards per load then I would need  192/19 = 10 loads, but this leaves a remainder of 2 cubic yards. To make equal size loads I can divide this remaining 2 cubic yards equally among the 10 loads. 2/10 is one-fifth so if I take 10 loads of size ninteen and a fifth cubic yards I can move all 192 cubic yards.


10 19 1/5 = 190 + 2 = 192 cubic yards.