Name: Matthew
Who is asking: Student
Level of the question: Secondary

Question: Hey there, I have a problem on my homework I cant seem to figure out. Basically it gives me this Linear Regression Equation:

ln t=1.5 ln d-0.8954

and it wants be to transform the equation expressing t as a function of d. For some reason I keep getting it wrong. Anyone got an idea of how to do this?



Hi Matthew,

First I would use one of the properties of the logarithm functions to write

1.5 ln d = ln (d1.5)


ln t = 1.5 ln d -0.8954 = ln (d1.5) - 0.8954

Now apply the exponential function to each side to get

eln t = eln (d1.5) - 0.8954 = eln (d1.5) e-0.8954


t = d1.5 e-0.8954


t = 0.4084 d1.5