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Subject: Algebra with Trigonometry
Name: Ann
Who are you: Other

Some tiles are arranged in rows so that the number of tiles in each row is 8 more than the number of rows. The same number of tiles can be arranged in 3 more rows than the first pattern with 16 tiles in each row.
Find the total number of tiles.

Hello Ann.

In the first scenario, there are r rows and r+8 tiles per row, so there are r(r+8) tiles in total.

In the second scenario, there are r+3 rows and 16 tiles per row, so there are (r+3)16 tiles in total.

These are equal, so r(r+8) = (r+3)16.

Solve for r, then use that in either the left hand or right hand side above.

Hope this helps,
Stephen La Rocque.

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