Subject: Selling Price using Profit Margin
Name: Chris
Who are you: Student

What is the selling price of my inventory, find using the profit margin?
What if profit margin is greater than 100%.
The given example for profit margin is that the sandwich is bought for $1 and sold for $2.

Inventory A costs $2,300. The profit margin is 55%
Inventory B cost is $4,500. The profit margin is 210%.


Hi Chris,

Suppose that your inventory costs $3,500 and the profit margin is 120%. That means that you want to make a profit of 120% of $3,500. 120% of $3,500 is

 120/100 x $3,500 = $4,200

If this is to be your profit and the inventory cost you $3,500 then you must sell the inventory for

$3,500 + $4,200 = $7,700