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Subject: how many tons
Name: Donny
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I want to learn how to figure out how many tons and yard are needed to do driveways and parking lots. OK from what I've read on the net i think its length width=square feet . i think i get that but i can figure out how to do the height . i understand a 6in would be 0.5 but how bout if its 2ins or 4 in . how do i i put the the fraction in to working form. thank u

Hi Donny,

Since you want the volume in "yards" you need to express the dimensions in yards. (When contractors talk about yards of concrete they really mean cubic yards.) There are 3 feet in a yard and 36 inches in a yard so if you measure the length and width in feet and the thickness in inches then the volume in cubic yards is

(length in feet)/3 x (width in feet)/3 x (thickness in inches)/36


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