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Subject: contemporary math
Name: earnestine
Who are you: Student

Given a line containing the points (1,4), (2,7), and (3,10) determine the slope-intercept form of the equation, provide one additional point on this line, and graph the function.

Hi Earnistine,

In My response to a similar question from Anthony I showed how to find the slope-intercpt form of the line containing the points (-3, -1) and (3, 2). You can use the same technique to find the slope intercept form of the line containing (1,4) and (2,7) or (2,7) and (3,10) or (1,4) and (3,10). You will find the same equation in each case. To find an additional point on the line substitute any value for x into the equation except 1, 2 or 3.


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