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Subject: Ratios
Name: Evan
Who are you: Student

David's company has 300 employees. The ratio of men to women is 4 : 6 . After hiring 60 new people with a 4 : 1 men to women ratio, what is men to women ratio in David's company now?

Hi Evan.

Before the new hires, there were 4 men for every 6 women. That means 4 / (4+6) = 4/10 of the employees were men. Since there were 300 employees in all, 4/10 x 300 = 120 of them were men. You can subtract
that from 300 to get the number of women originally in the company.

Use the same logic to determine the number of men and women hired (using the ratio 4 : 1 and the total of 60).

Then just add up the new total number of men (M) and the new total number of women (W) and express it as a ratio M : W, but be sure to reduce it like you would a fraction.

Hope this helps,
Stephen La Rocque.

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