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Do you have a list of topics a 6th grade students should learn in the 6th grade? I am "rusty" in math and would like to assist my son...

Example: if an icetray has X cc of water and is split into 8 parts...what is the volume of each this truly 6th grade level math?

Hi Ajay,

Math Central is in Saskatchewan Canada and you are in the US so this question is somewhat difficult to answer. In Saskatchewan, all of the topics can be found in the Saskatchewan Learning Evergreen Curriculum Guides. Click on this link, it will take you to the grade 6 math curriculum.

There may be an online curriculum guide for your jurisdiction but we are of no help in finding it. You can look at the Saskatchewan curriculum to get an idea as the curricula in most jurisdictions in the two countries are similar.

Hope that this can help.
Pam and Penny


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