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Question from Amy:

I have to fill an area with millings(crushed stone). The measurements are 14 foot long, 14 foot wide, and a depth of 6 inches. How do I find the square footage and how do I convert that into tons?
I need to know how many tons it will take to fill in this area.

Hi Amy,

The volume of region you need to fill is

14 x 14 x 1/2 = 98 cubic feet.

To find the tonnage you need know the density of the crushed stone you are using. I went to a web site in the UK that has densities of dry materials and it gave me the density of crushed stone as 1602 Kilograms per cubic metre. The density of your millings may be different, I have no way of knowing. I then used an online converter to convert this to pounds per cubic feet. This converter gave me

1602 Kg/m3 = 100 pounds/ft3

You have 98 cubic feet so the weight is 98 times 100 = 8900 pounds. This is them 9800/2000 = 4.9 tons.


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