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Question from Angela:

I have a trailer that is 14x70 and I took off the wood siding that was about 8 feet tall. They want $8.60 a cubic yard.
How many cubic yards do I have and how much will it cost me. Thanks to all!

Hi Angela,

We are a little confused by your question. Do you really have a quote for new siding based on the cubic yardage of your trailer? We will do the calculations based on this but it seems quite strange to us.

You have told us the dimensions in feet and the quote is in cubic yards so it is probably easiest to convert the dimensions to yards. There are 3 feet in a yard so the trailer is 14/3 yards by 70/3 yards and 8/3 yards tall. That gives a volume of

(14/3) × (70/3) × (8/3) = 290.37 cubic yards.

You have a quote of $8.60 per cubic yard so that is

$8.60 × 290.37 = $2497.19

You need to check with the supplier to make sure we have done the correct thing.

Penny and Sue

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