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Question from Brandon, a student:

you have and excavation area 140' long by 20' wide by 3' deep. What is the excavated volume?

Hello. When looking at volume of certain shapes we have to consider what type of shape we are looking at so we can then determine what type of method to use to find the volume. In this case we are dealing with a rectangular box because it describes a length, width and depth. For a rectangle the volume = length x width x depth or volume = length x width x height

So for example say I was given a length of 20 cm a width of 2 cm and depth of 4 cm. We just need to multiply everything together in order to get the volume.

Volume = length x width x depth
= 20cm x 2cm x 4cm
= 160cm3

we need to include that cm3 or units3 for completeness because we are multiplying three of those units together so we need to represent that.

Also another tip, make sure that all the units are the same before you find the perimeter, area or volume of any shape.

Hope this helps


Hi Brandon,

You could use our volume calculator.


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