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I was just wondering, how do you write the squared root of 7x(to the 5th) in
exponential form? If you could help explain that I'd be grateful. Thanks


Hello. I believe you question looks something like this root((7x)^1/5)

When we are given questions with square roots we have to remember a little rhyme. “The number the denominator goes in the notch” Basically what that means is the number that is in the notch of the root sign becomes a fraction exponent, in our case 1/2. That may be confusing so let’s look at the example root((4y)^3)If we want to put something like this into exponential form we first want to get rid of the root sign and make it into a fractional exponent. So doing that we turn the root into the fraction ½ and make that into an exponent.

((4x^3)^1/2)then from here we want to simplify the exponents. Since we have one exponent raised to another we just need to multiply them getting . This would then be the exponential form of root((4y)^3)We can even take it one step further and evaluate

Hope this helps,

Brennan Yaremko


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