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Subject: Mathematics question need help
Name: Clara
Who are you: Student

Given x + 2y = -2 and x - 2y = 18, find:
a) x^2 - 4y^2
b) x^2 + 4y^2

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Hi Clara.

Try first solving each of the given equations for x, then you have two expressions that each equal x, so they must equal each other. That lets you eliminate x and you can solve for the value of y. Using this value of y in either of the given equations, you can find the corresponding x.

Now that you have x and y, just use their values to solve (a) and (b).

Stephen La Rocque.>

Hi Clara,

A great deal of algebra is pattern recognition. I tell my students it's like hearing the first bar of a song you haven't heard before but immediately knowing the group.

Look at the expression

x2 - 4y2

Does it look familiar? If not then expand and simplify

(x - 2y)(x + 2y)


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