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Question from cookie, a student:

Can you please let me know if I've done this correctly?

Calculate the number of grams of sulfuric acid in 0.500L of battery acid if the solution has a density of 1.28 g/mL and is 38.1% sulfuric acid by mass.

My answer : Volume = 0.500L = 500mL
Density = 1.28g/mL
Mass = Volume x Density
= 500 x 1.28
= 640 g
Then 640/38.1 = 16.8 g

Cookie, you are mostly right. But at the end, you want to take 38.1%
of 640 g, so you should multiply:

640 x 38.1% = 640 x 0.381 = 243.84 g

Stephen La Rocque.>

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