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Hi I was wondering if their was a shorter way to figure out this problem...
The answer has to be in scientific notation.

A machine in a soft drink bottling factory caps 3 bottles per second.
How many bottles can it cap in 15 hours?
3,600 (forgot how I got that) multiplied by 15= 54,000
54,000 multiplied by 3 = 16,2000
answer 1.6 times 10^5

Thanks for helping,

Hi Cynthia. I think you did a great job of this. 3600 is 60 x 60 (that factor converts the "per second" into "per hour"). I don't see an easier way to do this than you are already using.

You could write it in one algebraic expression. If R is the rate per second (R = 3 in your case), then the amount it can do in 15 hours is R x 3600 x 15. Then you express the result in scientific notation.

Keep it up Cynthia, you're doing fine!
Stephen La Rocque.

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