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Subject: Maths
Name: Dani
Who are you: Student

Use the numbers 1-9 only once to make the following:
A three digit number times a two digit number that gives a four digit number.
That is *** x ** = **** (the numbers 1-9 can only be used once for each star).
I came up with the answer 138 x 42 = 5796 but I want to know whether this is the only solution and if not, is there a formula to come up with the answer.
Thanks! I appreciate your help!

Hi Dani,

You can find a list of all solutions to this problem in Claude's answer to the same question by Megan a couple of years ago. I added your question to our database because Chris sent me a reply to your question that you might enjoy.

I would not be surprised were there no simple answer to the question, but perhaps you might find it amusing that
3 x 6819 = 20457
uses each of the ten decimal digits exactly once.



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